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Stefani Lange - Fotografin

About me

My name ist Stefani Lange and I am a Berlin based Photographer, shooting more than 30 years. Sorry i am so old.

I am shooting all kind of pictures, but I do have some favors. Since Berlin is a vibrant city, I like shooting in the streets showing the town and the people, but I am also shooting all other standards like:

  • Portrait
  • Weddings
  • Animals
  • Landscape

I was shooting all my life with Nikon, but this year I just bought a Sony a6000 and that's where the story starts. I was delighted by Sony and I bought a Sony a7 Full Frame Camera. After that I had to buy some nice lenses. My favorite is the Zeiss 55mm f 1.8.

I got delighted by the technical fascination of this lightweight technical miracle.

Quality of pictures where so crisp and clear, I could not imagine.